Energy Healing / Healing Touch


The idea that an energy exchange or shift of some type occurs between an Energy Healing therapist and an individual is a central theme in many healing techniques. This concept has often been disputed, mainly by Western science and medicine. The lack of understanding of the nature of this energy and how it can affect or facilitate the healing process has lead to much skepticism and even mockery by most people in academic and/or medical professions, despite proof and research that validates this energy exchange. As the Nobel laureate in Medicine Albert Szent-Gyorgyi said: “In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.” 

Energy transmission

I use my innate ability to activate and focus my heart-field energy to transmit this energy to the (physical or spiritual) area or person in need. Due to the nature of this energy, it can only be used (or rather is only expressed) in a positive, nurturing and healing way. As an intuitive empath, I have used this ability all my life on people and animals, and for decades I was actually not at all aware of what I was doing, or how. Even years after I started to “officially” work as a certified Healer, Health Coach, and Holistic Therapist I could not label my Energy transmissions as “my healing work” since I did not know how it worked or where it came from.

Reading spiritual literature, taking the Reiki initiations, and becoming a Usui Reiki Master at some point did not lead to an answer, and I even noticed I did not need the Reiki approach for my healing work. Finally one day the answer popped out of me at the least expected moment. I was taking a course in business management and accounting to manage my Healing & Coaching practice when I met a woman who asked me spontaneously during a short coffee break, “So what type of healing are you doing?” I answered shortly “I work with my Heart Energy.” I could see that she had no clue what I meant and  I was astonished at what came out of my mouth that moment. I finally got an explanation for myself, and I resonated utterly.

Nowadays, thanks to the work of the Hearth Math Institute, a lot became clear for me. Their research shows that the heart generates the strongest electromagnetic field in the body. My personal experience and observation are that there is much more to it than the electromagnetic Heart Field alone. Not having any religious inclinations, I still believe there is some higher power at work as well. Especially in strong experiences during healing sessions, there is the recognition of light energy. These visual sparks are sometimes in different colors.

So, in truth, my Energy Healing work is a combination of the ability to activate my energetic Heart field and, with focussed intention, sending this energy to the area in need or issue to be dissolved. Due to my empathic nature, I can sense blockages while my strong intuition also guides me. I see the patterns that lead to the ailment, receive information from the client´s electromagnetic field, the so-called aura, including images or even stories, that consequently, are energetically dissolved. In essence, I receive information through all psychic channels, meaning I perceive guidance through inner hearing, vision, feeling and knowing.

However, it is essential to understand that, although I can dissolve a variety of issues, blockages, stagnated energy and foreign attached energies during the Energy Healing session, long-lasting well-being or healing can only occur if the client is truly ready for a shift and transformation. Most of the time this requires the active participation of the client, and often it requires some minor or significant changes in your patterns, behavior and/or lifestyle. To help you with this I will teach you self-help and self-healing tools.

Since very often the cause of ill-health lies in old patterns, trauma, attitudes and behavior, these have to be released, changed or transformed to be able to truly heal. Sometimes this can be achieved within a few sessions, while other times it is a somewhat longer process.

My overall goal is to help people to become aware of their self-healing ability and self-mastery.

Become conscious of your capacity to make healthy life decisions that come from a pure intention and a heart guided place.