Holistic Healing Work

According to my experience, health and well-being can only be achieved via a holistic approach. The word “holistic” derives from Greek “holos” meaning “whole” or “entire.” Hence a Holistic treatment plan includes the whole You, as a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being, including the environment you are in.

Although the state of medicine and medicinal science is well advanced, there remain many health conditions where known medical techniques and drugs are incapable of successfully treating the illness. Usually, patients suffering from such diseases are offered medications that treat the symptoms without addressing the underlying cause.

In most instances, medications themselves are not adequate to remove a patient’s pain and “dis-ease.” More often than not medication masks the problem and causes additional problems – thus a vicious circle is created or maintained. The symptoms or disease can even shift – first on an energetic level, and then to a different symptomatic level or a different part of your body.

Holistic healing work is meant to support the client to achieve an overall state of health and well-being. You are a very complex being, and I have no doubt that you are aware of that. In my work, I consider all aspects of your life and address all planes of your being so that your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health is balanced, improved,  and restored.

To provide a holistic service, I use a variety of tools and approaches tailored to You and your individual situation.

In my work, I include not only my innate gift as a Healer and intuitive Empath but also  methods and techniques that I have learned from approved institutions:

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