Crystal Energy Healing

Crystal Energy Healing came to me when I was in my early twenties. I was a young medical student to become a Veterinary doctor. The only physical issues that ever bothered me was my throat. Already then I was interested in all complementary, alternative and natural healing methods despite walking the academic path of allopathic medicine.

As an intuitive empath and very perceptive person, I consciously inquired in meditation, contemplation and by talking to my inner guidance about what to do with my sensible throat.
I very clearly heard the words crystal energy and Calcedony. When I listened to my inner voice there was never second guessing, so I started to look out for crystals and not long after I was attracted to a blue Calcedony necklace in a store.
It didn’t take long for me to notice the positive effect this crystal had on my throat and I started to experiment also with other gemstones and experienced the power, and mystic energy crystals emit.

Back then I had no idea about Chakras, let alone the ancient knowledge about Crystal Energy Healing.

Rose quartz

From that time I was not only mesmerized by the beauty but also the enormous energy and life, these crystals communicated to me. Gems literally find me, and I could tell many stories of how and why.

I use crystals in my healing work when I am explicitly called to let them participate in an Energy Healing Session.

In many cases, I know beforehand which crystal to wear or to put on the client’s body. In some cases, I perceive clearly which gem will benefit the person if meditated upon its energy or if the person carries it for a period of time.


I personally encourage you to not get lost in all the information on the internet about healing crystals. Learn to become self-reliant and take back your intuitive power.

Speak, meditate and play with the crystal you feel drawn to and trust your instinct!

Your accurate intuition will come back to you when you allow it and give yourself permission and time.