Health Coaching

Health is not the mere absence of sickness. Health is a state of overall well-being.

I support the client to find and achieve a set goal to improve the status quo and transform it into well-being.

In contrast to an Energy Healing session where only one treatment might suffice – like for boosting your energy level or immune system – Health Coaching requires a “long-term plan” where the client commits to active participation. The timeline is very individual and cannot be foreseen, but according to my experience, it can take as few as three follow-up sessions or up to nine. In some instances even more, and they will be spread out over weeks and months. Your participation is crucial in this process. Hence, the timeline mainly depends on your commitment, willingness, and active participation.

The beauty of us working together is that you will experience that you are the master of your health and I´m merely your crutch and guide until you manage the whole process yourself.

After all, “Healing is not merely the absence of sickness or physical ailment. It is an act of self-value and the path of becoming whole.” 

The strategies will be discussed and set up during the first appointment. My work with you is a combination of my intuitive guidance, skills acquired in professional training, personal experiences and techniques from

as well as tools and methods which I have intuitively created myself during the many years of my spiritual practice and healing work.

When might health coaching be required?

To name but a few examples for

Physical issues:

  • Physical chronic pain (of known or unknown origin) 
  • Post-surgical pain/issues especially if arose long after the surgery
  • Complementary to other physical treatments like Physical Therapy, after surgery, etc.
  • Fatigue (with or without known cause)
  • Supplementary to an allopathic or homeopathic treatment plan of chronic or acute illnesses

Emotional or mental distress:

  • Concentration problem 
  • Mental chaos and tension
  • Emotional distress (of known or unknown causes) e.g.
    • Sadness
    • Depression 
    • Anxieties
    • and much more
  • Unhealthy beliefs about your appearance incl. weight problems