Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) belongs to the field of Energy Psychology.

As we are in the era of Energy Medicine, we can finally also acknowledge the notion of Energy Psychology. In truth, Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology have always been there and are not something that appeared only in the last years or decades.

Our times show new techniques and terms, as well as new combinations of traditional or ancient ways and methods. Still, most of all, scientific research is slowly catching up and able to show what our ancestors have done in a very connected and intuitive way during ages.

Energy Medicine Techniques such as Hands-on Healing, Distance Healing, Crystal Healing, and Energy Psychology techniques such as EFT, some NLP techniques, Trance Induction, to name but a few, intervene with and stimulate the human subtle energy system in a way that brings balance so that well-being will be improved and restored.

Only a person in balance and a non-stress state can make healthy choices.

EFT is an effortless yet effective technique. By tapping on specific acupressure points, along with stating your unwanted emotion, situation, or pain, the neurological stress response is directly addressed and alleviated.

When I work with you in an EFT session, I tune into your energy field, seeing and feeling your “story” and I am able to guide you through the work to release the obstacles. Since I use my Heart-Field Energy during the work with you, an EFT session with me gives you an additional energetic release.

I have not a single example where EFT did not help in some way or degree. Nevertheless, I list here a few examples to give you an idea!

  • Pain relief or decrease in pain level also for chronic pain
  • Decreased effects of trauma and post-traumatic stress
  • Stress relief in general
  • Concentration problem
  • Mental chaos or mental tension
  • Emotional pain/stress
  • Part of depression treatment
  • Reduces anxiety

By teaching you this technique, you have a fantastic tool that can help you to shift quickly from any stressful state even before it gets a stronger hold on you. Of course, this requires you to make the personal effort to practice it regularly until it becomes an automatic process. Once you have it integrated into your life – and this will not take long at all – you will be able to ease out any stressful situation even before a stress reaction gets triggered.

This practice will help you to shift to an inner-peace place at the onset of stressful feelings and hence prevent many scenarios created by stress. A much easier transit through challenges, anxieties, resistances, etc. will be the result.