Hello, and welcome to my website!

I am Dr. Marlene, your practitioner for Spiritual Healing, Holistic Therapy & Regression!

I offer my service worldwide via FaceTime and Skype. As I am multilingual, I work in the following languages: English,  Deutsch (eigene Webseite), Español, and Norsk (Bokmål). Please use my contact form to get in touch.

I will provide you with more information about any details about me, including addresses, a price list, etc., as well as availability for local appointments, upon your personal request only.

My purpose as a Holistic Health Practitioner is to raise awareness of how you can improve your health and well-being holistically.
You can choose to participate by receiving Hands-on-Healing, or you can open up to my counsel for self-help and self-healing, and learn powerful Self-help tools. Whether you receive Energy Transmissions (Energy Healing), Bach Flower Remedies, or Homeopathic Treatment, you will improve your health, well-being, and life.

It is also in my interest that people become aware of the body’s self-healing abilities. Lack of health is quite often due to our interfering with the body’s self-healing process. Be it due to outside toxicities (chemical substances, allopathic treatment, pharmaceuticals, etc.) or inside toxicities as they come from your thoughts, emotions, and habits.

In these fast-paced times and due to the overload of stimulants, the human being has lost connection to his inner voice, his Inner Spirit, and it is urgent that we all re-align for a healthier society and future.

Whether you feel stressed, have a lack of energy, your immune system is down, or you are in pain, you will benefit from an Energy Healing session with me, a certified Healer, and medical professional. Although you do not have to be ill or struggle with specific health issues because Energy Healing will also promote a feeling of well-being, help you to relax and give you inner peace. These Energy Transmissions are valuable both as a single approach or in combination with my Health Coaching or Life Coaching services.

People come to me for help with:

  • General or specific chronic aches.
  • Chronic tiredness or fatigue
  • Lack of physical vitality or emotional well-being.
  • Anxieties and depression
  • Assertiveness issues
  • Lack of trust and self-worth

Pretty much any ailment related to physical, mental, or emotional distress.

Are you dealing with a diagnosed illness and want to do whatever is in your power to get better?  Do you wish my help with that? You can do it, and I will be on your side! Using my innate gifts and intuition merged with approved methods, I will be able to support you in your process with professional care and heartfelt guidance.

Do you aspire to change, or did an unwanted change happen to you?

Perhaps my diverse Coaching Offers will help to improve your life. I can help you work through it.

Each package will be tailor-made to your personal needs! There are NO ready-made, downloadable products, we work one-on-one over an extended period. Check out the variety of coaching packages.

I have a diverse toolbox to choose the right approach for you. With my innate gifts, sharp intuition, and scientifically proven methods, we will positively reach your goals. I use combinations derived from, e.g., Energy Psychology, NLP, CBT, ACT, DBT, Mindfulness, and techniques I have developed myself.

More importantly, with my many years of experience and personal mastery, I provide a stable field for you to feel safe in your process. Together we will find a way out, or in, or through! We will see the right way to make life smoother for you and those connected to you.

Are You:

  • Stuck in an unpleasant situation, relationship, or memory?
  • Unhappy with your life story?
  • At a crossroads?
  • Wondering about your life purpose?
  • Tortured by repetitive thoughts or emotions?
  • Plagued by unhealthy habits?
  • Patterns of self-sabotage?
  • In a phase of transition?

Small steps with the right guidance can lead to significant success.

Contact me now for your personal request!

Do you want to learn simple yet effective Self-Healing tools?

I teach a variety of tools that will help you daily to manage your vitality and well-being. Stress is unavoidable! However, we can do something about it.

To mention but a few examples here: Grounding, self-awareness, energetic cleansing, and energetic boundaries, as well as emotional resilience. A variety of meditative techniques, mindfulness, self-reflection-tools, Energy medicine, and Energy Psychology techniques, and EFT.

After all, healing is, in the end, the body’s innate ability to regenerate and heal itself. We merely have to remove obstacles. Among those are our limiting believes, self-doubt, negative self-talk, and the perpetuating, automated stress response.

Does your little furry loved one need help?


Check out my separate website and blog on Animal Healing!

Holistic Animal Healing can be the right approach for your pet`s physical health and also behavioral issues. These sensitive beings are very receptive to my subtle energies when performing spiritual healing on them, both hands-on or via remote healing.

Namasté! Blessings!

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