I am Marlene – Your Holistic Healing Practitioner!


My mission as a Holistic Healer is to raise awareness of how you can improve your health and well-being in a HOLISTIC way.
You can choose to participate passively and receive Energy Healing (hands-on or distance healing), or you can open up to my guidance for self-help and self-healing and you will improve your health, well-being and life in a co-creative way.

I provide my service in following languages: English, German, Spanish and Norwegian.

Whether you feel stressed, have a lack of energy, your immune system is down, or you are in pain, you will benefit from an Energy Healing session. You do not have to be ill or struggling with specific health issues in order to benefit from Energy Healing. A healing session with me, a certified Healer and medical professional, will promote a feeling of well-being, help you to relax and experience inner peace.

I will be glad to be your Health Coach! If you experience: Chronic health issues or chronic pain. Chronic tiredness or fatigue. Lack of physical vitality or emotional well-being, or any other ailment related to physical or emotional distress.

Are you dealing with a diagnosed sickness and want to do whatever is in your power to get better?  Do you wish help with that?

You can do it and I will be on your side! Using my innate gifts and intuition merged with approved methods I will be able to support you in your process with professional care and heartfelt guidance.

Are you stuck in an unpleasant situation, relationship or past memory? Are you unhappy with your life story? Are you at a crossroads?

Do you aspire to change, or did change happen to you?  Perhaps I can be your Life Coach and help you work through it.

With my strong innate intuition, skills and cutting edge techniques from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) as well as Energy Psychology methods like Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), I have a diverse toolbox to choose the right approach for you.

More importantly, with my many years of experience and personal mastery, I provide a stable field for you to feel safe in your process. Together we will find a way out, or in, or through! We will find the right way to make life smoother for you and those connected to you.

Small steps with the right guidance can lead to big success.

Do you need help for your little furry loved one?


Holistic Animal Healing can be the right approach for many of your pet´s health and behavioral issues. These sensitive beings are very receptive to my subtle energies and also to my little helpers – the Bach Flower Remedies

Despite that I am not working with the conventional medical system I am able to give professional care and advice for your pet in need since I am educated as a Veterinary Doctor as well.

You are not in my area?

Do not worry! Here you can read what I can do for you abroad!

globe-32299_640Many of my methods are very suitable for working in the form of a Skype session. I have many years of experience with that and the success is as good as when being with me in the room.

Distance Energy Healing is extremely powerful and for that, you do not even need skype, just send a request via my contact form and we can arrange further details.

Learn to become aware of Self-Healing

Do you want to learn simple tools you can use and become an independent Self-healer? I can offer you tools for grounding, self-awareness, energetic cleaning and energetic boundaries as well as EFT, an Energy Psychology Technique.

After all, every healing is, in the end, an act of  Self-healing.