Guidance for Highly Sensitive People and Empaths

Among the many services I offer is a very particular one; Guidance & Healing for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) and Empaths.

I desire to help you to know yourself, your true Self. You will learn Energy tools, most of them developed by me, an Intuitive Empath.

All the tools and techniques I teach I practice myself, and my guidance is genuine and heart-centered. Learn to recognize the “red flags,” follow your intuition and be(come) assertive. Learn to set healthy boundaries, when and how to say no without feeling guilty.

Empower and protect yourself, so you can use your beautiful energy properly and share your gifts!

You may not know yet that you have unique talents, gifts, and skills; I certainly will assist you in finding out where your strength and motivation lies, so you can live more purposeful.

You repeatedly suffer from anxiety, sadness, sudden energy loss, and tiredness?

I can help you to distinguish where these feelings come from, and I know how to help you. You can learn to clear out what s not yours. I will also remove old residues that have been in your Energy-field or even stored in your physical body.

Many symptoms and issues indeed are very typical for HSPs and Empaths. A lot of them are very subtle, and unless they accumulate, they might not be noticed easily. It is essential to understand them to become fully aware of yourself and to use your energy efficiently and purposefully daily.

As an intuitive empath, I have first hand experienced -and still do- the specific challenges we empaths, and also highly sensitive people, encounter. I am entirely sure that many of you do not even know that you are an empath. So far, over 50% of my clients have been empaths, and I do know that they found me due to the law of resonance.

It is my heartfelt aspiration to be a useful guide, healer, and teacher for all Empaths that want my help so they can learn to help themselves. The world needs more healthy EMPATHS and not energy vampires, narcissists, and powerless people.


3 thoughts on “Guidance for Highly Sensitive People and Empaths

    1. Dear Shelley, I don´t know where you are located, ​and I provide online services and remote healing. It is as equally efficient and magical. Contact me for details, let me know more specifically whats going on and what you wish -use my facebook page for that or the contact form. Many blessings and well wishes ❤


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