3rd exercise to stay calm, centered and stress-free

Today I present you with exercise number three! Enjoy!

None of us is free from influence.
Be it due to words, emotions, circumstances, or due to a conflict, be it because of caring, or especially over-caring.
The influences that are going on between and among us are, most of the time, NOT noticed!
This exercise is of utmost value to separate You from influences of negative situations, entities, people, personal conflict, to name the most usual causes of imbalance and distress.

Sensitive people, like Empaths and HSPs (highly sensitive people), “sponge” the most, due to their highly perceptive energy-field, and for them, this exercise is literally vital.
But even less sensitive people are getting their field “filled up” once enough is enough. Think! A huge bucket flows over too if it receives constant overload!
You can compare it with Air pollution! Some are affected by a minor smoke in the air; others don’t even notice a bigger smoke cloud.

Exercise for a vigorous cord-cutting:

  • Sit down and close your eyes, center, and ground yourself.
  • Pay attention to whoever or whatever comes to your mind. Be it a particular person or a group that upset you or a conflict.
  • Take your time and acknowledge it in your presence.
  • When you feel all are there (or just that one person/issue/etc.) state following and mean it: “I am calling back All My Energy that I have sent to you (person, situation, etc.) in all directions of time and space.”
  • Take a few deep breaths and state the following: “I am now sending back All The Energy that I have absorbed from you (a situation, person, etc.) form all directions of time and space.

NOW call upon your Higher Self (or Divine help, Angels, or whatever your believe-system or Faith supports) to cut the cords.

Thank them all! And it is done. 


Super-short version for every day:

A short version of cord-cutting should be done daily before going to bed!

  • Sit down and close your eyes
  • Say aloud or in your mind:
  • I am calling back all my energies from all directions of time and space. Thank you
  • I am sending back all absorbed energy to all directions of time and space.
  • I call upon my higher self to cut all energetics strings now.

Thank you, and so it is done.

This exercise clears any source of imbalance, fear, or anger! Try it out, practice, and let me know how you are doing!

1st Exercise to stay calm and centered

I decided to gift you all with a few simple standard balancing exercises for this challenging time!

Today I present you with exercise No 1.

A simple healing exercise for you:

Replace the “Corona-thought” with a crown-(which means corona)-meditation!

  • Spend daily 3-5 minutes (or more)
  • Sit in silence
  • For a minute or so breathe normally and slowly and start focussing on the out-breath
  • Now, let all your fear out with an intense and focussed exhalation.
  • Repeat this several times.
  • Concentrate on your crown and let the cosmic (universal) truth enter your space. 
  • Connect this power with your heart and continue this process as long as you desire.

You will feel better, more confident, and strengthened. Clarity will come, and that at only 3-5 min per day.

Are you ungrounded?​

What is grounding, and why is it important?

I have heard of many methods for grounding in the course of the last two decades or so. Some of them are good and work nicely, and some appear to me as mere nonsense. In my opinion, especially approaches that are food-related. For example, chocolate, meat – especially red meat – and all type of nuts are supposed to be grounding foods. I don´t know who came up with this idea, and it doesn`t matter, but false beliefs do more harm than good. I actually was told by several people that they have to eat red meat, so they stay grounded, so this theory is still out there. Apparently, these people fell under that spell, or they use it as an excuse for their meat-eating. My question was why they even needed to justify eating meat. They were apparently judging themselves. But this is a whole different topic. Both the issue of making excuses and the subject of self-criticism.

One possibility of why that food-myth exists could be that people confuse the dizziness, light-headedness, and other symptoms of hypoglycemia as ungroundedness. Some of the symptoms are indeed identical, but being unearthed is something entirely different. Simply explained, the symptoms of hypoglycemia (meaning low blood sugar) are a natural, physical response when your body needs food. But even more common and often overlooked is the lack of water. Many people tend to drink not enough. If you are a healthy person, these symptoms go away instantly after a snack or meal and sufficient water, but your ungroundedness will not.

In fact, the most effective tools for counteracting ungroundedness, are both reasonable and easy to practice.

Firstly, there is the literal “earthing.” Put your feet on the ground and move them! Walk, run, work with real physical effort, work with the earth, plants, etc. Put your hands in the dirt! In other words, do physical work, especially gardening. There are countless opportunities to get into your body. Whatever reason you tell yourself right now for “why you can not,” is merely an excuse. There are also potent tools that involve visualization, and they are most effective if at least done once with a capable and trained practitioner. Learning them, you will feel the shift in an instant. This is my personal experience, and I observe this regularly with my clients.

There are various reasons to become ungrounded and how long one remains in that state is very individual.

I point out some of the common reasons, and further below the most obvious and usual signs for ungroundedness.

  • Sudden, shocking experiences and events.
  • Worries in general but also any type of situations and issues that keep you stuck in worry, hence stuck in your head.
  • Traumatic experiences
  • Losses of any kind.
  • If you have a head-centered work, or a job in an office, etc. – especially if you are not happy with it, can shift you towards ungroundedness.
  • If you have no job or other responsibilities
  • Chronic threat to your subsistence
  • Abuse of alcohol and other drugs
  • Intense one-sided spiritual work and pursuit.

Whenever we experience worry, struggle, anxiety, etc., we tend to be everywhere but in our bodies. When you are anywhere but in the very place, and the very moment you physically are, you are lost in your mind, traveling back and forth.

You may become aware of clear signs of either passing or remaining ungroundedness. To name but a few:

  • Lightheaded
  • Forgetful
  • You don ́t notice that you are not genuinely listening when somebody talks to you
  • Easily startled
  • Finding yourself in another room than you wanted to go
  • Being uncreative or unproductive (don`t confuse this with taking needed breaks and resting)
  • Numbing yourself (food/distractions/any kind of drugs or stimulants)

To lose your “footing, “to get the rug pulled away under your feet,” are but a few expressions that give you a hint that you have lost your grounding. Phrases that we so thoughtlessly use, provide indeed quite profound insight into what is going on within us.

Being temporarily ungrounded happens to all of us and is no threat or problem.
On the other hand, long-term ungroundedness will consequently affect your emotions. If no “Stop” is put to this, it will manifest in your physical body, and may even cause severe issues in all areas of your life. You can end up with a self-perpetuating, vicious cycle. At this point, it is important to mention another factor that may keep you unearthed, even though this is a whole chapter in itself.



Are you holding unforgiveness towards past events, certain people, and yourself? Ask yourself. Do you want to waste your Life Force with resenting people and things that had happened in the past? Or do You want to create rather than deteriorate? You must remember that it is about your health, happiness, and well-being. Do You want to feel good, express your nature, be healthy, and joyful?

It is your choice and in your power.

In this Spirit!
Blessings, and Namaste




Gemstones, more than just beautiful

Already as a little kid, I was fascinated with stones. Their variety, forms, colors, and texture. I felt some were speaking to me and those I would keep and carry around for a while and then store them in my little treasure box. I still have them somewhere. I would spend hours playing with them, and sometimes building tiny structures and house-like formations. Sometimes I would crush small, soft gravel between two big ones to make stone dust. Most of these stones were quite common, simple rocks, of course, some with quartz, silicate, and silverish glittering in it, but they were no gemstones.

Crystal Energy Healing came to me when I was in my early twenties. I was a young medical student to become a Veterinary doctor. The only physical issue that bothered me every now and then was my throat. Already back then, I was interested in all of the complementary, alternative, and natural healing methods despite walking the academic path of allopathic medicine.

Clear Quartz

As an intuitive empath and very perceptive person, I consciously inquired in meditation, contemplation, and by talking to my inner guidance about what to do with my sensible throat.
I very clearly heard the words crystal energy and Chalcedony. When I listened to my inner voice, there was never second-guessing.


So, I started to look out for crystals, and not long after, I was attracted to a blue Chalcedony necklace in a store.

It didn’t take long for me to notice the positive effect this crystal had on my throat. I started to experiment also with other gemstones and felt the power and mystic energy these crystals emit.
Back then, I had no idea about Chakras, let alone the ancient knowledge about Crystal Energy Healing. From that time, I was not only mesmerized by the beauty but also the enormous energy and life, these crystals communicated to me. Gems find me, and I could tell many stories of how and why.

Rose Quartz

I use crystals in my healing work when I am explicitly called to let them participate in an Energy Healing Session. In many cases, I know beforehand which one I shall wear, bring to the healing room, or to put on the client’s body. I also perceive if a person would benefit from wearing or using a crystal, and which specific gem this would be. 

Since my first Crystal Healing experience, my collection of these precious Earth-gifts grew substantially. I have them in all possible variations and forms, including sacred geometry. I still prefer the raw, crude healing crystals for meditation and my work with patients. Nevertheless, bracelets and necklaces come very handily if one needs to wear them for a while. For reflection or meditation, you might want to choose a bigger one that you can look at in front of you, or one small enough to hold in your hand while being in silence. These precious gifts of Mother Earth offer their healing grace in so many ways. Yes, even to those who merely see them as a piece of jewelry.

I personally encourage you to not get lost in all the information on the internet about healing crystals. Learn to become self-reliant and take back your intuitive power. Speak, meditate, and play with the gemstones you feel drawn to, and trust your instinct! Your accurate intuition will come back to you when you allow it, and when you give yourself permission and time.



Weekly Auroville Healing Circle

This is a weekly event located at Arka center in Auroville, India.

It will take place every Wednesday at 5 pm until about 6 pm and goes until the end of March 2018.

This is a group event and it is crucial to have at least a tiny group to create a circle. Therefore it will take place as long as at least four people sign up.

You can sign up either here,

or my facebook site.

This event is open to everybody who is in or around Auroville and is not restricted to residents of Auroville.