1st Exercise to stay calm and centered

I decided to gift you all with a few simple standard balancing exercises for this challenging time!

Today I present you with exercise No 1.

A simple healing exercise for you:

Replace the “Corona-thought” with a crown-(which means corona)-meditation!

  • Spend daily 3-5 minutes (or more)
  • Sit in silence
  • For a minute or so breathe normally and slowly and start focussing on the out-breath
  • Now, let all your fear out with an intense and focussed exhalation.
  • Repeat this several times.
  • Concentrate on your crown and let the cosmic (universal) truth enter your space. 
  • Connect this power with your heart and continue this process as long as you desire.

You will feel better, more confident, and strengthened. Clarity will come, and that at only 3-5 min per day.

Corona pan-ic-demia! Just wondering?

As a former scientist and a medical professional, as a curious human being and last not least as a Holistic Healer and therapist, I like doing my research, look into data and scientific journals.
Despite the extra time I have available these days, I have to admit that I’m a very lazy writer, and so, I often keep my findings to myself and the people close to me.

Nevertheless, as I stumbled upon some numbers from another outbreak – barely noticed publicly – I’d like to share some data and thoughts.

Why? Because I wonder why the SARS-CoV2 (the virus responsible for the Covid-19 outbreak), who has far lower mortality than the MERS-CoV had back in 2012, is still sold as so dangerous, while MERS never reached the average public? I know SARS-CoV2 spreads fast -or so they say- but this is not the only criteria for a virus to be “dangerous”. In fact, it is not at all.
In the clinical-virological sense it is not dangerous, because his mortality is relatively low – or even very low (compared to the here quoted MERS numbers; and by the way the 2018 influenza-lethality numbers, which were extreme).
It appears to be very contagious, yes, but the majority do not show any symptoms at all.    Not having symptoms despite being a carrier, of course, is one of the reasons that it could be transferred a while ago even before the whole hysteria started. Nevertheless, this does not change the fact that the majority of infected is symptom free, making this virus less dangerous (and not as often stated more dangerous). Among the minority, the symptoms go from very mild up to the few cases that have been hospitalized.

What I strongly criticize at the moment is the careless (or intentional?) game with the numbers. A misrepresentation of actual numbers.
Medical professionals very well know that hospitalized, severe cases (of any origin) regularly die of superinfections -the so-called hospital germs. So who is to say that in the majority of lethal cases, this is not what happened (and is happening).
I dare say that the average citizen does merely buy into something they do not investigate themselves and blindly believe this confusion!

HERE in bold is the text I found about the MERS numbers showing its great mortality. You can see it is quoted according to the WHO statistics.

(World Health Organization. Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV). Available from: http://www.who.int /emergencies/mers-cov/en/, 16 January 2016 (accessed March 1 2016).)

“As of early January 2016, 1,626 cases of confirmed MERS had been reported from 26 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America, 586 of these being fatal (111). Primary zoonotic infections have so far only been reported from the Arabian Peninsula and the Middle East, with travel-associated cases being reported from other countries.”
This is approximately 36% lethality.
If you’d like to check for yourself, the link is still operational – but it has newer numbers, and they still show mortality of about 34% (do the math!).

If we want to believe the numbers, the mortality of the panic making SARS-Cov2 is at about 4,7% (as I write this article). AGAIN, we have to understand the numbers! This % shows the CoVid associated deaths, but this does, in reality, not mean death BY the virus.

The so-called authorities have never mentioned this fact. Another important point has never been discussed, namely, your immune system. From the beginning, the “Be afraid” slogan is forced upon and has pushed people’s limits, but no word about what the real (medical) facts are, how a healthy body is build to fend off viruses, and that only a tiny minority of the population is at a higher risk, or exceptionally high risk (e.g., immune-compromised people).

Many holistic doctors and real doctors (those not paid/corrupted by Pharma) are trying to get information out to the public, about your immune system, and the danger of (imposed /enforced) fear – but interestingly the mass media does not support this information, but only the panic-making information!

Do they (governments/”authorities”) not know? If so, why does the majority believe them? They, who obviously do not know and do a lousy job?

With accurate information, no panic had been taken place – despite quarantine and specific measures!

A virus is not a knife – death by knife means you were stabbed and died because of the knife injury. This virus does not kill you per se (in and of itself)-read here why, but if YOU are predisposed, yes, you are at a higher risk (just as with the influenza virus, or any infection for that matter!) – but you are not automatically doomed!

I don’t want to downplay anything; the death of loved ones is always tragic!

All I want is that a given situation is put into its correct proportion, that facts are not manipulated, that viable information is not left out, and that numbers are not twisted or misrepresented.

There will always be people (in power) who take advantage of a situation – have they created it in the first place as some people believe – I do NOT know! And I do NOT want to go there! That all the governments have done so far is nothing but CONTROL and enforcing control is getting VERY clear! Does it not?

My appeal is: 

People come to your senses, get out of your panic-response, get in touch with your Inner Guidance, and Inner Spirit (pun intended).

Panic and Fear is not the way! It makes you sick and dumb – yes, mindless, brainless, and easily influenceable. Do YOU really want that?

Breathe, meditate, and work towards a healthy solution for yourself and all. Be creative instead of fearful. Be inventive, hopeful and very observant.

Go within, know your innate power and sent Love, Blessings and Grace to all on planet earth!

If you have questions, doubts or fears, I offer for the time being a free personal guidance and information service if you contact me!




Bach Flowers are medicine

Today I feel guided to share some thoughts about the usage of Bach Flower Remedies.

You may not like what I write, but it is written with all my compassion and understanding and with my wish to inspire and encourage you all to learn more about this precious gift of medicine. This article is as much for untrained people who use Bach Flowers for self-treatment as it is for pet owners who try to treat their animal with these remedies without being a trained Bach Flower Therapist.

These Flower remedies are gentle, can never cause harm and are still incredibly powerful. Nevertheless, they have a real healing purpose and have been brought to life by a doctor and scientist who not only knew his work but was highly intuitive and in tune with his work and his patients. In essence, knowing how to use Bach`s Remedies is a skill, it takes knowledge dedication and above all a calling to use them from a heart-centered place.

So I encourage everybody who feels drawn to use Bach Flowers for themselves, their family and their pets, make an effort and study the subject and gather experience before using your kids and pets as lab-rats.

When it comes to your pet; as mentioned on my animal healing page on Bach Flowers, using a wrong Flower remedy will not harm your pet, but it will neither help it. And believing it already gets the help it needs, will postpone the right treatment and may cause harm in the end. I have experienced far too often that people don’t look for help until it is already too late. The same is, of course, true for yourself, your kids, etc.

Then the remedies get the blame, and I guess that’s how the myth that they don`t work got created. The truth is, they are quite specific, and the belief of “one fits all” does not apply.

Another frequent experience is that people believe Rescue Remedy is a fix it all, this could not be further from the truth. They apply it randomly whenever they feel something is wrong with their pet, or themselves. Again, this will not harm, but it will not lead to the desired result either.

Just to mention one example; Several essences are helpers in the treatment of fears. Not all anxieties are expressed explicitly as such, and not everything that looks like anxiety or fear is fear. Or the fearful expression is just the uppermost layer and hence visible and the core issue is something very different. Only the trained person will get to the core and pick the correct Flower essence and thus treat the root issue and not the surface appearance.

Since especially chronic issues have a bunch of layers, it is usually gradual betterment with changing the remedies in days, weeks and even longer.
In many cases these remedies are a brilliant addition to more in-depth work, be it Energy Healing, Life and Health coaching, counseling, plus other healing techniques and self-empowerment tools.

We have a blind spot for ourselves, your children and also for our pet. And also, if your pet is carrying out something that is yours, be assured, you will be most likely the last to realize that your furry friend is holding the mirror for you.
The same is true for children and close relationships as we have difficulties to notice when we are projecting our issues unto another.

So my advice, if you love Bach Flower Remedies so much, maybe it is a sign that you should study them thoroughly before you start using them on others. If you are not interested enough to take a course, then use the money for a trained practitioner.

You, your family and pets will be grateful.

Are you ungrounded?​

What is grounding, and why is it important?

I have heard of many methods for grounding in the course of the last two decades or so. Some of them are good and work nicely, and some appear to me as mere nonsense. In my opinion, especially approaches that are food-related. For example, chocolate, meat – especially red meat – and all type of nuts are supposed to be grounding foods. I don´t know who came up with this idea, and it doesn`t matter, but false beliefs do more harm than good. I actually was told by several people that they have to eat red meat, so they stay grounded, so this theory is still out there. Apparently, these people fell under that spell, or they use it as an excuse for their meat-eating. My question was why they even needed to justify eating meat. They were apparently judging themselves. But this is a whole different topic. Both the issue of making excuses and the subject of self-criticism.

One possibility of why that food-myth exists could be that people confuse the dizziness, light-headedness, and other symptoms of hypoglycemia as ungroundedness. Some of the symptoms are indeed identical, but being unearthed is something entirely different. Simply explained, the symptoms of hypoglycemia (meaning low blood sugar) are a natural, physical response when your body needs food. But even more common and often overlooked is the lack of water. Many people tend to drink not enough. If you are a healthy person, these symptoms go away instantly after a snack or meal and sufficient water, but your ungroundedness will not.

In fact, the most effective tools for counteracting ungroundedness, are both reasonable and easy to practice.

Firstly, there is the literal “earthing.” Put your feet on the ground and move them! Walk, run, work with real physical effort, work with the earth, plants, etc. Put your hands in the dirt! In other words, do physical work, especially gardening. There are countless opportunities to get into your body. Whatever reason you tell yourself right now for “why you can not,” is merely an excuse. There are also potent tools that involve visualization, and they are most effective if at least done once with a capable and trained practitioner. Learning them, you will feel the shift in an instant. This is my personal experience, and I observe this regularly with my clients.

There are various reasons to become ungrounded and how long one remains in that state is very individual.

I point out some of the common reasons, and further below the most obvious and usual signs for ungroundedness.

  • Sudden, shocking experiences and events.
  • Worries in general but also any type of situations and issues that keep you stuck in worry, hence stuck in your head.
  • Traumatic experiences
  • Losses of any kind.
  • If you have a head-centered work, or a job in an office, etc. – especially if you are not happy with it, can shift you towards ungroundedness.
  • If you have no job or other responsibilities
  • Chronic threat to your subsistence
  • Abuse of alcohol and other drugs
  • Intense one-sided spiritual work and pursuit.

Whenever we experience worry, struggle, anxiety, etc., we tend to be everywhere but in our bodies. When you are anywhere but in the very place, and the very moment you physically are, you are lost in your mind, traveling back and forth.

You may become aware of clear signs of either passing or remaining ungroundedness. To name but a few:

  • Lightheaded
  • Forgetful
  • You don ́t notice that you are not genuinely listening when somebody talks to you
  • Easily startled
  • Finding yourself in another room than you wanted to go
  • Being uncreative or unproductive (don`t confuse this with taking needed breaks and resting)
  • Numbing yourself (food/distractions/any kind of drugs or stimulants)

To lose your “footing, “to get the rug pulled away under your feet,” are but a few expressions that give you a hint that you have lost your grounding. Phrases that we so thoughtlessly use, provide indeed quite profound insight into what is going on within us.

Being temporarily ungrounded happens to all of us and is no threat or problem.
On the other hand, long-term ungroundedness will consequently affect your emotions. If no “Stop” is put to this, it will manifest in your physical body, and may even cause severe issues in all areas of your life. You can end up with a self-perpetuating, vicious cycle. At this point, it is important to mention another factor that may keep you unearthed, even though this is a whole chapter in itself.



Are you holding unforgiveness towards past events, certain people, and yourself? Ask yourself. Do you want to waste your Life Force with resenting people and things that had happened in the past? Or do You want to create rather than deteriorate? You must remember that it is about your health, happiness, and well-being. Do You want to feel good, express your nature, be healthy, and joyful?

It is your choice and in your power.

In this Spirit!
Blessings, and Namaste