Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) was founded in the late 1970s by R. Bandler and J. Grinder and since then became widely expanded by many valuable contributors like Dilts, O`Connor, and Seymour.

But what is it good for and what is it all about?

NLP came into being as the founders studied the patterns created by the interaction between the neurological system (brain), the body (body language) and language (linguistic).

They found that these interactions do result in an effective or an ineffective behavior and hence in patterns of excellence or patterns that are negative, or even pathological.

By studying and modeling the excellence of three renown therapists of their time – in the fields of Gestalt Therapy, Family therapy, and Hypnosis – the founders were able to develop a practical model of treatment and counseling.

In short, NLP is a behavioral model – some call it “new psychology” – with sets of particular skills and specific techniques.

By following the principles of NLP, significant patterns, cognitive processes, behavior, and their interconnectedness are discovered and dismantled.  Hence a client’s ineffective, or even destructive, patterns are brought into awareness and resolved.

Therefore, NLP has almost unlimited implications in our society, be it in counseling, life and health coaching, education, management, organizational development, or in everyday relationships.

In my Holistic Healing practice, I use my strong intuitive skills and merge it with approved NLP techniques. This helps me to see beyond the apparent patterns and assist the old ingrained emotional blockages and past trauma to be released.

NLP can also help to understand yourself better and the people around you.