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4th Exercise to stay sane and healthy in challenging times!

Retreat within the retreat!

This fourth exercise is designed especially for the times we are in right now. I do not know where in the world you are. Either way, this exercise is timeless, as are all the other free practices I have posted so far. They are all to bring forward your source of Inner Power and Serenity whenever and wherever you are.

I call it the retreat within the retreat because, especially now, many people are in lock-down and/or somehow experience restrictions to their life. This forced-upon “retreat” is or will be difficult for many, if not all, of us, at some point. There are considerable differences in how people are treated right now under the circumstances of the Coronavirus “pan-ic-demia” – depending on where on the planet you live. I have contact with my families in Europe/Scandinavia, where the “people-handling” is not as brutal.

I personally am stuck in South India since the big airlines stopped flying a while before government restrictions were put in place (because of profit!). Here in India, the confinements are heavy and beyond reasonable. I have close friends in the US, Mexico, and some other countries all over the world, so I got information first hand.

My personal opinion is that we should do both, be very observant about the narratives forced upon us, use your logic, intuition, and instinct as well!
BUT, make no mistake, if you are in a FEAR- or even PANIC- state, your intuition, your common sense, let alone your instinct can not be trusted.
When your fear response is triggered you DO NOT function; this is a fact. Simply said: Chemicals get fired by your Amygdala -a little area in your brain- whether you are personally in danger or just receive suggested danger!
The old fight-flight-freeze response is taking over, and you will either believe the fear narrative or whatever gets triggered in you. Or you might start self-numbing, shutting down, complacency (freeze-state).

This is why I urge you all to practice this and the other exercises!
We are all in this together, NOW is the time to turn things around!
I believe, now is the time that all these corrupt behaviors ad agendas that had been going on over decades gets more exposed than ever.
We have to take this momentum to make our lives more humane, liveable, and lovable again.

But now to the exercise!
Retreat within the retreat

  • Sit quietly and peacefully by starting to take a few conscious in-breaths and out-breaths.
  • Now imagine to become tiny, tiny, and project (or imagine) yourself into your head.
    See this space in your head as a room to your liking (or a castle, a fortress, a sanctuary).
  • Take a few minutes to get comfortable here – your room of Silence and Serenity,  your Inner Castle!
  • Once you feel this tranquility, you may notice that disturbing thoughts, images, or people pop up.
  • This room for Retreat and Silence is yours only – nobody is allowed in there – not even your cat or dog!
  • Be kind and friendly, but open a door (which is only to be opened from the inside) and tell the intruding being to leave. Whether it is a thought, a feeling, a person, the daily news, your spouse, cat, or neighbor.
  • Notice that this command is loving and genuine, and it will be obeyed.
  • Continue with this cleansing as long as necessary until you feel you are alone and in harmony, in silence and peace with all.
  • This will happen very fast!
  • Practice this exercise as often as possible and you will see, feel, and notice the benefit.


Use this inner place of silence daily, stay as long as possible and allow the insights about yourself and awareness to come through.

Let me know if it helps you, or if you need help with it!

Love and Kindness to All

Corona pan-ic-demia! Just wondering?

As a former scientist and a medical professional, as a curious human being and last not least as a Holistic Healer and therapist, I like doing my research, look into data and scientific journals.
Despite the extra time I have available these days, I have to admit that I’m a very lazy writer, and so, I often keep my findings to myself and the people close to me.

Nevertheless, as I stumbled upon some numbers from another outbreak – barely noticed publicly – I’d like to share some data and thoughts.

Why? Because I wonder why the SARS-CoV2 (the virus responsible for the Covid-19 outbreak), who has far lower mortality than the MERS-CoV had back in 2012, is still sold as so dangerous, while MERS never reached the average public? I know SARS-CoV2 spreads fast -or so they say- but this is not the only criteria for a virus to be “dangerous”. In fact, it is not at all.
In the clinical-virological sense it is not dangerous, because his mortality is relatively low – or even very low (compared to the here quoted MERS numbers; and by the way the 2018 influenza-lethality numbers, which were extreme).
It appears to be very contagious, yes, but the majority do not show any symptoms at all.    Not having symptoms despite being a carrier, of course, is one of the reasons that it could be transferred a while ago even before the whole hysteria started. Nevertheless, this does not change the fact that the majority of infected is symptom free, making this virus less dangerous (and not as often stated more dangerous). Among the minority, the symptoms go from very mild up to the few cases that have been hospitalized.

What I strongly criticize at the moment is the careless (or intentional?) game with the numbers. A misrepresentation of actual numbers.
Medical professionals very well know that hospitalized, severe cases (of any origin) regularly die of superinfections -the so-called hospital germs. So who is to say that in the majority of lethal cases, this is not what happened (and is happening).
I dare say that the average citizen does merely buy into something they do not investigate themselves and blindly believe this confusion!

HERE in bold is the text I found about the MERS numbers showing its great mortality. You can see it is quoted according to the WHO statistics.

(World Health Organization. Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV). Available from: /emergencies/mers-cov/en/, 16 January 2016 (accessed March 1 2016).)

“As of early January 2016, 1,626 cases of confirmed MERS had been reported from 26 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America, 586 of these being fatal (111). Primary zoonotic infections have so far only been reported from the Arabian Peninsula and the Middle East, with travel-associated cases being reported from other countries.”
This is approximately 36% lethality.
If you’d like to check for yourself, the link is still operational – but it has newer numbers, and they still show mortality of about 34% (do the math!).

If we want to believe the numbers, the mortality of the panic making SARS-Cov2 is at about 4,7% (as I write this article). AGAIN, we have to understand the numbers! This % shows the CoVid associated deaths, but this does, in reality, not mean death BY the virus.

The so-called authorities have never mentioned this fact. Another important point has never been discussed, namely, your immune system. From the beginning, the “Be afraid” slogan is forced upon and has pushed people’s limits, but no word about what the real (medical) facts are, how a healthy body is build to fend off viruses, and that only a tiny minority of the population is at a higher risk, or exceptionally high risk (e.g., immune-compromised people).

Many holistic doctors and real doctors (those not paid/corrupted by Pharma) are trying to get information out to the public, about your immune system, and the danger of (imposed /enforced) fear – but interestingly the mass media does not support this information, but only the panic-making information!

Do they (governments/”authorities”) not know? If so, why does the majority believe them? They, who obviously do not know and do a lousy job?

With accurate information, no panic had been taken place – despite quarantine and specific measures!

A virus is not a knife – death by knife means you were stabbed and died because of the knife injury. This virus does not kill you per se (in and of itself)-read here why, but if YOU are predisposed, yes, you are at a higher risk (just as with the influenza virus, or any infection for that matter!) – but you are not automatically doomed!

I don’t want to downplay anything; the death of loved ones is always tragic!

All I want is that a given situation is put into its correct proportion, that facts are not manipulated, that viable information is not left out, and that numbers are not twisted or misrepresented.

There will always be people (in power) who take advantage of a situation – have they created it in the first place as some people believe – I do NOT know! And I do NOT want to go there! That all the governments have done so far is nothing but CONTROL and enforcing control is getting VERY clear! Does it not?

My appeal is: 

People come to your senses, get out of your panic-response, get in touch with your Inner Guidance, and Inner Spirit (pun intended).

Panic and Fear is not the way! It makes you sick and dumb – yes, mindless, brainless, and easily influenceable. Do YOU really want that?

Breathe, meditate, and work towards a healthy solution for yourself and all. Be creative instead of fearful. Be inventive, hopeful and very observant.

Go within, know your innate power and sent Love, Blessings and Grace to all on planet earth!

If you have questions, doubts or fears, I offer for the time being a free personal guidance and information service if you contact me!




Wuhan, a call for joint distance healing


Do you call yourself a Healer? Do you call yourself a therapist or anything in the health-care profession? Maybe you call yourself a spiritual person?
Whether any of the above is You or not, you should pause a second and finish reading my short post.
We all are hearing about the latest outbreak, the Wuhan Coronavirus spreading.
What can You Healer do? You Meditator, You Healing Practitioner?
Many of you may not be happy with conventional approaches. All the uncertainty about vaccines, and maybe already having theories: fear-mongering, business, economy, pharma, laboratory-made, ???, etc. I have already heard a lot of talking!
All this does not matter!
What matters is what any human on earth could do now, and especially You Healers and Energy workers!
Nevertheless, is it not Your duty as a Healer and health care personnel, as a human being to do what You can?
Not complicated, not time-consuming!
Whether you know about distance healing or not, whether you are a meditator or not, whether you like to pray for others or not, you certainly know you have thoughts.

Let us all use the Power of our Heart, focussed thought, and the desire for health and well-being on earth. Gift these people and area in need a few minutes or seconds every day, and send this Heart-centered Healing Energy.

Bach Flowers are medicine

Today I feel guided to share some thoughts about the usage of Bach Flower Remedies.

You may not like what I write, but it is written with all my compassion and understanding and with my wish to inspire and encourage you all to learn more about this precious gift of medicine. This article is as much for untrained people who use Bach Flowers for self-treatment as it is for pet owners who try to treat their animal with these remedies without being a trained Bach Flower Therapist.

These Flower remedies are gentle, can never cause harm and are still incredibly powerful. Nevertheless, they have a real healing purpose and have been brought to life by a doctor and scientist who not only knew his work but was highly intuitive and in tune with his work and his patients. In essence, knowing how to use Bach`s Remedies is a skill, it takes knowledge dedication and above all a calling to use them from a heart-centered place.

So I encourage everybody who feels drawn to use Bach Flowers for themselves, their family and their pets, make an effort and study the subject and gather experience before using your kids and pets as lab-rats.

When it comes to your pet; as mentioned on my animal healing page on Bach Flowers, using a wrong Flower remedy will not harm your pet, but it will neither help it. And believing it already gets the help it needs, will postpone the right treatment and may cause harm in the end. I have experienced far too often that people don’t look for help until it is already too late. The same is, of course, true for yourself, your kids, etc.

Then the remedies get the blame, and I guess that’s how the myth that they don`t work got created. The truth is, they are quite specific, and the belief of “one fits all” does not apply.

Another frequent experience is that people believe Rescue Remedy is a fix it all, this could not be further from the truth. They apply it randomly whenever they feel something is wrong with their pet, or themselves. Again, this will not harm, but it will not lead to the desired result either.

Just to mention one example; Several essences are helpers in the treatment of fears. Not all anxieties are expressed explicitly as such, and not everything that looks like anxiety or fear is fear. Or the fearful expression is just the uppermost layer and hence visible and the core issue is something very different. Only the trained person will get to the core and pick the correct Flower essence and thus treat the root issue and not the surface appearance.

Since especially chronic issues have a bunch of layers, it is usually gradual betterment with changing the remedies in days, weeks and even longer.
In many cases these remedies are a brilliant addition to more in-depth work, be it Energy Healing, Life and Health coaching, counseling, plus other healing techniques and self-empowerment tools.

We have a blind spot for ourselves, your children and also for our pet. And also, if your pet is carrying out something that is yours, be assured, you will be most likely the last to realize that your furry friend is holding the mirror for you.
The same is true for children and close relationships as we have difficulties to notice when we are projecting our issues unto another.

So my advice, if you love Bach Flower Remedies so much, maybe it is a sign that you should study them thoroughly before you start using them on others. If you are not interested enough to take a course, then use the money for a trained practitioner.

You, your family and pets will be grateful.

And the Corona madness continues

The “Head in the sand” approach was probably a comfortable method for many people for decades. In times of the internet and countless social media, whether you “are there” yourself or not, this method is hardly applicable anymore.

Sooner or later, you will be infected! A timely word!

Whether you get infected sickeningly or remain immune lies – honestly said – in your hand!
Yes, I am talking about the media and fear virus.
About the dogma virus, faith virus, belief virus and all the other thought viruses, to which we have been exposed to for decades (probably centuries).

My question is, how many people became and will become victims of these viruses?

These days once again the battle between “EITHER – OR” is going on. Either “the ONE” has to be right, or “the OTHER” must be right.

But maybe it is a “neither-nor” or a “both-and”?

Perhaps we have lost sight of the big picture for the sake of detail?

Maybe we have built up a medical BELIEF-system for decades, buying into the BELIEF that we KNOW?

People are too young, too busy, too overworked, or possibly too disinterested to read up on the history of medicine (or any history for that matter). Why medical history – because at the moment it is all about health! Or, at least that’s what we are led to believe! Is it really (still) about health? Was it ever about health? I have only questions and fewer and fewer answers!

For the average citizen, it is simply more comfortable to read a media headline and believe it … SO convenient! Why should one investigate, if one can read in five minutes many headlines and can swim along then, and one can say “I know”!

If you feel triggered now, then you probably are one of them. If so, take a deep breath and be honest with yourself and ask yourself what you honestly know?

There is no shame in NOT knowing – if we are honest with ourselves, we can admit that knowledge does not come by itself; we mostly merely believe, suspect, accept, and mainly trust (even blindly). The majority of our thoughts consist only of suppositions and assertions?

Reflect on this!

It’s not easy to go through countless publications, even if you know something about the subject. Sadly, many publications can’t even be trusted anymore. The (natural) sciences as they were founded at that time – I assume in a well-meant purpose – no longer exist.

But look, also I can only assume here.

Just ask yourselves: When did you ever get proof of various public statements? How often was the first impression: “Something is wrong here!” A gut feeling, an instinct, an intuition! Fortunately, humans still have inner parameters, even if they are easily suppressed with electronic gadgets, media hype, and all kinds of numbing.

As mentioned at the beginning: Whether you get infected in a way that makes you ill or whether you remain immune lies – honestly said – in your hand! (And yes, I am still talking about the media and thought virus!)

Reflection and inner balance, exercise in nature, healthy nutrition for body, mind, and soul, that’s what everybody can and should do. Then one has the defense for the real dangers, and these definitely do not come from nature.

3rd exercise to stay calm, centered and stress-free

Today I present you with exercise number three! Enjoy!

None of us is free from influence.
Be it due to words, emotions, circumstances, or due to a conflict, be it because of caring, or especially over-caring.
The influences that are going on between and among us are, most of the time, NOT noticed!
This exercise is of utmost value to separate You from influences of negative situations, entities, people, personal conflict, to name the most usual causes of imbalance and distress.

Sensitive people, like Empaths and HSPs (highly sensitive people), “sponge” the most, due to their highly perceptive energy-field, and for them, this exercise is literally vital.
But even less sensitive people are getting their field “filled up” once enough is enough. Think! A huge bucket flows over too if it receives constant overload!
You can compare it with Air pollution! Some are affected by a minor smoke in the air; others don’t even notice a bigger smoke cloud.

Exercise for a vigorous cord-cutting:

  • Sit down and close your eyes, center, and ground yourself.
  • Pay attention to whoever or whatever comes to your mind. Be it a particular person or a group that upset you or a conflict.
  • Take your time and acknowledge it in your presence.
  • When you feel all are there (or just that one person/issue/etc.) state following and mean it: “I am calling back All My Energy that I have sent to you (person, situation, etc.) in all directions of time and space.”
  • Take a few deep breaths and state the following: “I am now sending back All The Energy that I have absorbed from you (a situation, person, etc.) form all directions of time and space.

NOW call upon your Higher Self (or Divine help, Angels, or whatever your believe-system or Faith supports) to cut the cords.

Thank them all! And it is done. 


Super-short version for every day:

A short version of cord-cutting should be done daily before going to bed!

  • Sit down and close your eyes
  • Say aloud or in your mind:
  • I am calling back all my energies from all directions of time and space. Thank you
  • I am sending back all absorbed energy to all directions of time and space.
  • I call upon my higher self to cut all energetics strings now.

Thank you, and so it is done.

This exercise clears any source of imbalance, fear, or anger! Try it out, practice, and let me know how you are doing!

2nd exercise to stay calm and balanced

Today I present you with exercise No 2.

 For most of us, the morning shower, or evening-shower, or maybe even both, is a given. That was not always so! As a living organism, we have not only the physical body but our electromagnetic field as well. This field is not only part of every cell but also stretches out over our physical boundary – the skin. The necessity to learn energetic cleansing seems odd to most people.

Find out for yourself. Once you practice the exercises I provide you with, you will soon notice the difference.

With this simple tool, you prepare yourself for the day but also cleanse yourself after daily happenings or upsets.  This valuable and essential tool serves to build and connect your inner strength with Mother Earth. It is a tool for grounding! Read here my blog on grounding!

It is best done after getting up in the morning and before going to bed – or whenever you need to get your balance back!

  • Stay on the ground, close your eyes, and center yourself by feeling the heaviness of your legs and feet on the floor. If you are sick and can´t stand, or are in a wheelchair, simply focus on your feet and also on your buttock.
  • Notice the tip of your spine (called tailbone/part of the base chakra)
  • From this tailbone, send a rope (or column, or root, or cable) down to the center of the Earth – feel it, let it appear, picture it if necessary!
  • Connect this firmly into your base chakra and anchor it then in the center of the Earth.
  • Put both hands on your head, and as if washing some dirt from the head downwards, move your hands sidewards as far as you reach. Wash down your thoughts, emotions, everything and notice how it runs down through this rope (or column, or root, or cable). Let gravity support this work.
  • Thank the Earth for taking it on and transforming it into pure, vital energy.
  • Take your time, visualize, feel it, or simply imagine.
  • Now feel how the Earth sends this purified energy back to you via your feet.
  • To let this energy all in, command your feet to open the chakras in your feet 20% more.
  • Feel the energy climbing upwards – your feet, knee, legs, hips, and all your body and up your head.

Thank Mother Earth and the Cosmic energy for the support.

1st Exercise to stay calm and centered

I decided to gift you all with a few simple standard balancing exercises for this challenging time!

Today I present you with exercise No 1.

A simple healing exercise for you:

Replace the “Corona-thought” with a crown-(which means corona)-meditation!

  • Spend daily 3-5 minutes (or more)
  • Sit in silence
  • For a minute or so breathe normally and slowly and start focussing on the out-breath
  • Now, let all your fear out with an intense and focussed exhalation.
  • Repeat this several times.
  • Concentrate on your crown and let the cosmic (universal) truth enter your space. 
  • Connect this power with your heart and continue this process as long as you desire.

You will feel better, more confident, and strengthened. Clarity will come, and that at only 3-5 min per day.