Angelino, an Angel in disguise?

I re-blog this post from my Animal Healing website since it is not only about animals but rather a reminder that everything is possible for everyone šŸ˜€

Holistic Animal Healing & Guidance

It has been about a decade ago when I finally could make an old dream come true, a desire I had since I was a teenager.
What might not sound like a big deal for some people, for me it took two decades to make it happen.

When I was a student to become a veterinary doctor, and later getting my Ph.D. in molecular genetics, I did not have the time nor the money for such, and after that, when starting to work as a scientist, go figure, I never, ever had the time.
I think I had not even noticed that I was turning into a workaholic. I loved researching, I could express my creativity and curiosity and satisfy my need for learning new stuff. Though, I think it, was the circumstances and not necessarily my desire to work 24/7. Nevertheless, this time was a great teacher in manyā€¦

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