Wuhan, a call for joint distance healing


Do you call yourself a Healer? Do you call yourself a therapist or anything in the health-care profession? Maybe you call yourself a spiritual person?
Whether any of the above is You or not, you should pause a second and finish reading my short post.
We all are hearing about the latest outbreak, the Wuhan Coronavirus spreading.
What can You Healer do? You Meditator, You Healing Practitioner?
Many of you may not be happy with conventional approaches. All the uncertainty about vaccines, and maybe already having theories: fear-mongering, business, economy, pharma, laboratory-made, ???, etc. I have already heard a lot of talking!
All this does not matter!
What matters is what any human on earth could do now, and especially You Healers and Energy workers!
Nevertheless, is it not Your duty as a Healer and health care personnel, as a human being to do what You can?
Not complicated, not time-consuming!
Whether you know about distance healing or not, whether you are a meditator or not, whether you like to pray for others or not, you certainly know you have thoughts.

Let us all use the Power of our Heart, focussed thought, and the desire for health and well-being on earth. Gift these people and area in need a few minutes or seconds every day, and send this Heart-centered Healing Energy.

Weekly Auroville Healing Circle

This is a weekly event located at Arka center in Auroville, India.

It will take place every Wednesday at 5 pm until about 6 pm and goes until the end of March 2018.

This is a group event and it is crucial to have at least a tiny group to create a circle. Therefore it will take place as long as at least four people sign up.

You can sign up either here,

or my facebook site.

This event is open to everybody who is in or around Auroville and is not restricted to residents of Auroville.