Bach Flowers are medicine

Today I feel guided to share some thoughts about the usage of Bach Flower Remedies.

You may not like what I write, but it is written with all my compassion and understanding and with my wish to inspire and encourage you all to learn more about this precious gift of medicine. This article is as much for untrained people who use Bach Flowers for self-treatment as it is for pet owners who try to treat their animal with these remedies without being a trained Bach Flower Therapist.

These Flower remedies are gentle, can never cause harm and are still incredibly powerful. Nevertheless, they have a real healing purpose and have been brought to life by a doctor and scientist who not only knew his work but was highly intuitive and in tune with his work and his patients. In essence, knowing how to use Bach`s Remedies is a skill, it takes knowledge dedication and above all a calling to use them from a heart-centered place.

So I encourage everybody who feels drawn to use Bach Flowers for themselves, their family and their pets, make an effort and study the subject and gather experience before using your kids and pets as lab-rats.

When it comes to your pet; as mentioned on my animal healing page on Bach Flowers, using a wrong Flower remedy will not harm your pet, but it will neither help it. And believing it already gets the help it needs, will postpone the right treatment and may cause harm in the end. I have experienced far too often that people don’t look for help until it is already too late. The same is, of course, true for yourself, your kids, etc.

Then the remedies get the blame, and I guess that’s how the myth that they don`t work got created. The truth is, they are quite specific, and the belief of “one fits all” does not apply.

Another frequent experience is that people believe Rescue Remedy is a fix it all, this could not be further from the truth. They apply it randomly whenever they feel something is wrong with their pet, or themselves. Again, this will not harm, but it will not lead to the desired result either.

Just to mention one example; Several essences are helpers in the treatment of fears. Not all anxieties are expressed explicitly as such, and not everything that looks like anxiety or fear is fear. Or the fearful expression is just the uppermost layer and hence visible and the core issue is something very different. Only the trained person will get to the core and pick the correct Flower essence and thus treat the root issue and not the surface appearance.

Since especially chronic issues have a bunch of layers, it is usually gradual betterment with changing the remedies in days, weeks and even longer.
In many cases these remedies are a brilliant addition to more in-depth work, be it Energy Healing, Life and Health coaching, counseling, plus other healing techniques and self-empowerment tools.

We have a blind spot for ourselves, your children and also for our pet. And also, if your pet is carrying out something that is yours, be assured, you will be most likely the last to realize that your furry friend is holding the mirror for you.
The same is true for children and close relationships as we have difficulties to notice when we are projecting our issues unto another.

So my advice, if you love Bach Flower Remedies so much, maybe it is a sign that you should study them thoroughly before you start using them on others. If you are not interested enough to take a course, then use the money for a trained practitioner.

You, your family and pets will be grateful.

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