Gemstones, more than just beautiful

Already as a little kid, I was fascinated with stones. Their variety, forms, colors, and texture. I felt some were speaking to me and those I would keep and carry around for a while and then store them in my little treasure box. I still have them somewhere. I would spend hours playing with them, and sometimes building tiny structures and house-like formations. Sometimes I would crush small, soft gravel between two big ones to make stone dust. Most of these stones were quite common, simple rocks, of course, some with quartz, silicate, and silverish glittering in it, but they were no gemstones.

Crystal Energy Healing came to me when I was in my early twenties. I was a young medical student to become a Veterinary doctor. The only physical issue that bothered me every now and then was my throat. Already back then, I was interested in all of the complementary, alternative, and natural healing methods despite walking the academic path of allopathic medicine.

Clear Quartz

As an intuitive empath and very perceptive person, I consciously inquired in meditation, contemplation, and by talking to my inner guidance about what to do with my sensible throat.
I very clearly heard the words crystal energy and Chalcedony. When I listened to my inner voice, there was never second-guessing.


So, I started to look out for crystals, and not long after, I was attracted to a blue Chalcedony necklace in a store.

It didn’t take long for me to notice the positive effect this crystal had on my throat. I started to experiment also with other gemstones and felt the power and mystic energy these crystals emit.
Back then, I had no idea about Chakras, let alone the ancient knowledge about Crystal Energy Healing. From that time, I was not only mesmerized by the beauty but also the enormous energy and life, these crystals communicated to me. Gems find me, and I could tell many stories of how and why.

Rose Quartz

I use crystals in my healing work when I am explicitly called to let them participate in an Energy Healing Session. In many cases, I know beforehand which one I shall wear, bring to the healing room, or to put on the client’s body. I also perceive if a person would benefit from wearing or using a crystal, and which specific gem this would be. 

Since my first Crystal Healing experience, my collection of these precious Earth-gifts grew substantially. I have them in all possible variations and forms, including sacred geometry. I still prefer the raw, crude healing crystals for meditation and my work with patients. Nevertheless, bracelets and necklaces come very handily if one needs to wear them for a while. For reflection or meditation, you might want to choose a bigger one that you can look at in front of you, or one small enough to hold in your hand while being in silence. These precious gifts of Mother Earth offer their healing grace in so many ways. Yes, even to those who merely see them as a piece of jewelry.

I personally encourage you to not get lost in all the information on the internet about healing crystals. Learn to become self-reliant and take back your intuitive power. Speak, meditate, and play with the gemstones you feel drawn to, and trust your instinct! Your accurate intuition will come back to you when you allow it, and when you give yourself permission and time.



5 thoughts on “Gemstones, more than just beautiful

  1. What a kwinky dink! Just started getting into this and today got a Celestine, Malachite, and Chrysocolla crystal (one each). Do you think poking a small hole in each one (for use as a necklace) would be disrespecng the crystal, (or lessening the effect?) I’m leanng towards not doing it, but want to have them with me most of the time if I can (have them in the pocket for now).

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    1. What an interesting choice 🙂 which, of course, makes me curious what made you choose those … I know, none of my business but I am a naturally inquisitive person 😉 I agree with your leaning! So, follow your intuition! It would not lessen the effect of the Crystals, but for me personally, it would be painful to do that.
      Unless you have the perfect drilling tools it could also break them, it’s not so easy to carve crystals it requires the right instruments.
      Malachite, for example, is a very soft stone.
      For meditating and healing work, I do like the untouched stones best since that is their nature, but I have many gems that are carved into symbols, some are smoothened, and I also have necklaces, etc.
      So my recommendation is to leave them as they are (they will thank you for that 😉 ). You can use these for meditation or in the pocket.
      If you really want to have them around the neck, get some who already have been treated and formed. It does not hurt to have a variation or more than one of the same type.
      Also, in case you want to get other crystals, know precisely beforehand what or how you want to have them, so you don´t feel the need to change them afterward.
      I hope I could help 🙂

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      1. I like the little description on each one of the stones more than anything : ) I really like the idea of astral projection lol! Plus the digestive help, my stomach has been out of whack lately, which has got me thinking a lot about taking the one or two week vegan plunge : )

        That’s what I was thinking regarding leaving them untouched, I’ll definitely leave them untarnished, and in the pocket : ) That’s a good idea to just get one that’s preformed all ready.

        Never thought to use them for meditation, what a great idea!!

        I’ll definitely know beforehand when choosing, these more spur of the moment, but have a little crystal book wth cook descrptions of each crystal and their origins, so have one more in mind.

        As always, very helpful indeed!! Thank you : )

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  2. You are welcome 🙂 I always recommend to choose from the heart and feeling when going to buy crystals, so I probably expressed myself a bit unclear 😉 By knowing beforehand I meant not the type of crystal but the form it is in … sometimes even this is not needed because a person sees, e.g., a particular crystal in the form of a necklace and feels “this” is the one and nothing can shake it. So if you want to”sharpen” your intuition on this, I recommend it as a way to go… feel which crystal draws you to it, don´t ask what it is … once you have it, you can check your little book or whatever source 😉 -you may end up very surprised and delighted!
    …. but that´s​ just how I recommend it 😉
    The asking mind will never give you the correct answer because it has no access to the soul’s truth.


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